About Pediatric Specialists of Clear Lake

Providing your children with state-of-the-art medical care in a caring, compassionate environment.

Pediatric Specialists of Clear Lake offers outstanding comprehensive pediatric cardiac care by Dr. José A. Quinones. Dr. Quinones has more than twenty years of clinical experience in non-invasive pediatric cardiology. Specializing in the detection and treatment of heart diseases in children, Dr. Quinones and his team are able to treat congenital and acquired heart diseases.

Congenital heart disease is present at birth and due to abnormal development of the heart during early stages of pregnancy.

Acquired heart disease is heart disease that can develop at any age. Some of the most common reasons for acquired heart disease in children are heart damage due to viruses or infections, endocarditis, abnormal heart rhythm, or hypertension.

If your pediatrician or family doctor refers your child to a pediatric cardiologist, you can be certain that Dr. Quinones and his staff will provide your child with the best possible medical care so he or she will grow into a healthy adult.

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